The Dammann Fund, Inc.



The following information is required:

1. ______ Copy of the IRS ruling classifying your organization as tax exempt as an organization described under Section 501 (c) (3) – but is not a private foundation under Section 509 (a) – of the Internal Revenue Code.

2. ______ A current, dated letter stating (i) you have not changed your purposes, character or method of operation since you received the above document; and (ii) you will notify us immediately should any change occur.

3. ______ Most recent audit report (audited financial statement)

4. ______ IRS Form 990 complete with ALL schedules for the most recent fiscal year. If your organization is exempt from the requirement to file a Form 990 or your organization files Form 990-N, please provide your own schedule listing the compensation of the five highest paid employees and their positions (including officers, directors and trustees, as applicable).

5. ______ An annual report, if you publish one.

6. ______ Current income and expense budget for the entire organization.

7. ______ Detailed budget of the proposed program/ project.

8. ______ List of the organization’s Trustees and/or Directors.

9. ______ A statement that your organization does not compensate directly or indirectly any of The Dammann Fund, Inc. Directors or employees listed on the letterhead of the organization or their relatives and that their organization does not knowingly have business relationships with any firm employing any Dammann Fund Director, employee or relative of any such individual. If this is not the case, please explain.